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This blog is a personal record of the life of a chronically ill (chronically awesome), disabled, dyslexic, doctoral student and entrepreneur.

I share the beautiful moments, and the hard ones. It's unfiltered, and extremely uncensored.


The Best of 2017

So this is 100% cheesy, but y'all have blessed me with such a HUGE number of views, follows, subscriptions, and more, that I wanted to take a moment and highlight the most popular articles/blog entries from last year (and thank you all for being so fucking awesome)! 

I also find it very interesting that with only one exception, the most-read entries were the ones about life with chronic pain, mental health sturggles, and disabilities. This is awesome news because these are really hard ones for me to write. No, I'm serious. It's good for me to write about it, but I always worry that no one really cares, that it's a bummer, that I go on too much about such depressing things. But apparently, it's something that y'all are getting something from. Y'all are so amazing. Rock on!


5. The Side Unseen - Chronic Pain In Badass People

Coming in at number 5, published on The Mighty, "The Side Unseen - Chronic Pain In Badass People."

"If you asked most folks about me, I'm confident you'd get a description similar to the above paragraph. I often hear words like "driven," "accomplished," "overachiever," "passionate," and "multi-talented" used, which causes much blushing and shuffling of my feet, and countering with "no YOU'RE amazing!" But there's something else. Something looming."


4. My Love-Hate Relationship With Alt-Med

#4 is "My Love-Hate Relationship With Alt-Med."

"I came in [to the doctor's office] one day, angry and crying. I was on 32 pills a day at this point. Everything hurt. I was having 20+ migraine days a month, on top of the other pain. The pills weren't working. I hadn't had a good night's sleep in years. I was ready to give up. You know... like permanently give up. He [my doctor] looked away from his computer for a moment to actually make eye contact with me and said, "look... you didn't hear this from me, but I'd like you to go see an acupuncturist." ... So I did."


3. #AncientAbledProverbs

Your #3 fav was inspired by a hashtag movement on Twitter: "#AncientAbledProverbs"

"You think you're tired - just wait 'till you have kids!' (I am, and I can't.)"
"I'm sending positive energy."
"Awwww you're not disabled! Don't say that about yourself! You're just differently abled."
"At least it isn't *insert diagnosis here*"



2. The Trouble With Not Being Terminal

Published on The Mighty, and coming in at number 2 is "The Trouble With Not Being Terminal."

"[A]t least I'm not dying, right? Absolutely! I have a whole lifetime ahead of me of learning new things, trying new foods, meeting interesting people, and having new experiences. But it also means I have, working off the average lifespan for someone like me... 57 more years of daily, ever-worsening pain. 57 years of losing my independence, my mental faculties. Of forgetting everything. Of having my hips and knees and shoulders forcibly relocated. Of being too exhausted to function. Of having to carefully monitor what I eat, how I sleep, how much activity I participate in. But at least I'm not dying."


1. A Love Letter To My Ex

And the most-read post of 2017 was "A Love Letter To My Ex"

"He was kinda shy, wicked smart, played bass, was a skilled photographer, and he was as good at building computers as I was at programming them. He was sarcastic as could be, which I adored. He was shorter than me, had a Beatles-style haircut, and frameless glasses. I thought he might be the most handsome guy I had ever seen! The first time I saw him... I told my friend, "I'm going to marry that boy!"


Thank you all for reading WorkShark, and keeping up with my entrepreneurial, scholastic, #disabledandcute ramblings. I'm so happy to get to share with you in this way. Here's to a new year of musings and rants and education and advocacy.

We're Creating Something Amazing Together!

We're Creating Something Amazing Together!

The Warrior Poet, The Scientist, and Duality

The Warrior Poet, The Scientist, and Duality