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Bank Holidays

Bank Holidays

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me if I was taking Memorial Day off work, well, I'd have a lot of dollars! And the answer is "no." I don't typically take "Bank Holidays" (versus major holidays) off work, and I think most self-employed folks are in a similar situation. There's a few reasons for this, for me and my line of work.

1. Usually everyone else is off work, so they want to come in for sessions and "indulge" in some self care. That's big business for me, and much-needed relaxation for them. This was not the case this particular holiday as I don't see clients on Mondays, but I digress.

2. I have far too many things to do to be able to take a whole day off. I felt like I was spoiling myself for taking an entire Saturday off this week, but multiple days off? Ain't no one got time for that!

3. For me, at least, this is the most important one. Most other businesses (not counting retail and food service) are closed on Bank Holidays. And a lot of people assume that I am also taking the day off. This means I can hole up in my Apothecary and get serious shit done without my phone ringing 1,000 times. It's magic!

So I spent my day doing work for one of my primary businesses, Natural Equilibrium - filling pounds of tea orders for a few of my wholesale accounts in Mystic, as well as putting together dozens of jars of tea for some retail clients, an upcoming symposium, as well as for a new account, the Spark Makerspace Emporium in New London, CT. Putting together my own custom tea blends is only a small part of the work. I also package, and hand-make each and every label for every item that leaves my lab. And for the symposium and the Emporium, each jar needs an additional, adorable hanging tag.

That's a full afternoon's work in and of itself. But it's coupled with social media and other advertising obligations, responding to 39 emails (it was a slow day, because holiday, hallelujah!), filing paperwork, updating the Reiki for Military Program website (one of my two primary businesses), updating a clients website (one of my side-hustles), placing orders, and some light cleaning. And, of course, an hour of homework when I get home.

I absolutely love Bank Holidays. My favourite coffee shop is still open, and I accomplish an obnoxious amount of things. Sure, I don't get a day to kick back and relax - in fact I often am more tired than when the "long weekend" began, but that feeling of having successfully done all the things... I do live for that! (Plus I get to listen to 10 hours of podcasts uninterrupted - BLISS!)

Overwhelm and the Guilt Trip

Overwhelm and the Guilt Trip