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This blog is a personal record of the life of a chronically ill (chronically awesome), disabled, dyslexic, doctoral student and entrepreneur.

I share the beautiful moments, and the hard ones. It's unfiltered, and extremely uncensored.


Enter the Work Shark

I'm Farrah.

I'm a 29 year old Southerner who's spent nearly the last decade living in New England. I'm a scientist, an artist, an entrepreneur, and a giant nerd. I'm a biologist/botanist by trade, and a recreational physics dork. I enjoy being outside, hiking, riding my motorcycle, and spending time with my cat, Trillian. I'm a proud disabled babe. 

But mostly I work. I am self-employed full time. I founded and operate 3 businesses - well, 2 primary businesses and a "side-hustle" or two... or three. That's 70 hours a week, on a slow week, usually clocking in closer to 90 or 100. I also am finishing my doctorate in Natural Medicine (1 more year, woohoo!), which is neither a small feat nor a small time & energy commitment. And I daily give Fibromyalgia, Elher's Danlos, Lyme, Arthritis, Generalized Anxiety, and Depression a serious run for their money (which kicked off my natural medicine career, but that's another story for another time).

My partner, Noah, dubbed me a work shark because he's convinced - and I've seen no evidence to the contrary - that I am fierce, relentless, and if I ever stopped I would probably just die.
And that's what this blog is about. It's a somewhat-regular chronicling of the personal and professional life of a bespectacled, badass lady who can't-stop-won't-stop until she's changed the world. Enjoy!

Bank Holidays

Bank Holidays