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This blog is a personal record of the life of a chronically ill (chronically awesome), disabled, dyslexic, doctoral student and entrepreneur.

I share the beautiful moments, and the hard ones. It's unfiltered, and extremely uncensored.


We're Creating Something Amazing Together!

We're Creating Something Amazing Together!

So, there are a few (exciting) new things to this blog now.

One is thanks to a dear friend who suggested that I should have a way for people to subscribe to my blog (duh, Farrah). She even recommended the program I ended up going with. Thanks, babe! But yes, at the bottom of every post now you can find a box where you can use Blog Lovin' to get a notification of all my lovely ramblings right in your inbox. Whoop whoop! 

Another is that I finally put together a little "about" page. Nothing super exciting or anything you wouldn't know if you've been reading up to this point, but it's there now. It's a concise-ish little blurb about me. It's really awkward writing about yourself, by the way...

The last thing is the exciting one: Y'all... I'm really flattered by this... this site is getting some notable traffic now! Not a ton in the grand scheme of thing, but not nothin' either. I'm getting some nice messages on FB and Twitter from friends and strangers alike expressing enjoyment and whatnot from my sweary-ramblings about life as a disabled doctoral student and entrepreneur. I'm so happy I can touch your lives like that. Thank YOU for telling me so (people don't really know if they're making a difference unless others tell them, you see...)!

And, see, I'm not really writing this blog for anyone in particular, or even anyone at all. It's something I have been doing for me because it's good for me to put my thoughts and feelings down on "paper." It's like self-care meets creative expression. And if it can help people not feel alone, or see things from a different perspective, or just have a good laugh (or cry), then all the better. But as I mentioned a few posts back, I do a lot, have a lot on my proverbial plate, and it's physically and mentally hard on me. I wake up exhausted every day, I hurt all the fucking time, holding thoughts in my brain requires a lot of energy, and everything I do requires so much damn effort! So this blog, while it's good for me, and I really enjoy writing it (as with everything I do) it still takes its toll on me. 

As was also mentioned a few posts ago, I'm now in the research phase of getting a whole new program off the ground (in addition to the 4 other businesses and doctoral studies, yes), hoping to work with local architects, designers, contractors, etc to help make spaces in our area - and eventually, I hope, elsewhere too - more accessible for people with disabilities! I also have plans for someday expanding the scope to helping lobby for more disability rights in the political arenas, as well as providing some new and much-needed services to our disabled community. It's an exciting, and important thing, but definitely, one more thing for me to manage, that, at least for the foreseeable future, will be funded directly from my tiny pocket. And, of course, life as a disabled babe on its own isn't cheap. Between mobility aids, medications, doctors visits, and more, existence is expensive!

So, ugh, this is so uncomfortable! But at the suggestion of my various advisors: if you have been enjoying this site, have learned things, or been inspired to create, advocate, or educate others about invisible disabilities, accessibility awareness, destigmatizing mental health, science communication, or anything else I've written about, then you can help me continue to create great content.

There's a great platform out there called Patreon. I'm sure you've heard about it. It's used by podcasters, artists, musicians, authors, and more to help fund their creative endeavors. And now you can help support me through Patreon, too. With support starting at just $1 a month, it helps me afford to keep creating great content like this blog, fund new and current programs and endeavors, makes the copious amount of free talks and lecture series I do feasible, as well as expand the scope of what I can do and who I can help and reach. Plus it helps me afford my coffee habit. My friends joke about my coffee consumption, but, I mean honestly, I haven't had a good night's sleep in well over 10 years (pain + cognitive disruptions + more un-fun things), and without caffeine, I would just cease to function entirely. 

But yes, circling back around here, if you have enjoyed this blog and would like to help a very tired girl create more content, educate more people, start and grow more programs, or just be able to pay her co-pays, support me on Patreon! You'll also get exclusive content and other tokens of my appreciation. 
You can do that here, by utilizing the "Become A Patron" link in the menu, or clicking the "Support This Blog" that is now under the subscription box at the bottom of each post. 

Okay, so now that I'm thoroughly uncomfortable, I'm gonna go. Thank you all for just reading my ramblings, for expanding your consciousnesses and knowledge bases, and for being kind. You all rock! Seriously, you have no idea how much it means to me just to know that so fucking many of you are reading my words every day. <3

Radical Authenticity &amp; Self Acceptance

Radical Authenticity & Self Acceptance

The Best of 2017

The Best of 2017