It's weird...

For as much as I blog and write about my life, my experiences, my thoughts, I feel kind odd writing about me. But I suppose that if you are reading this blog, you might want to know a little about the author. You'll piece a lot of this together as you read my various entries, so I'll try to be concise here. 

My name is Farrah. I'm a Southern-born gal living in New England. I'm completing my doctoral studies in the field of Natural Medicine focusing on the intersection of phytochemistry and neurology, I have founded and operate a few small businesses, a disability advocacy and education project, and some creative side hustles. I am a super busy entrepreneur.

I also am chronically ill & disabled. I have Fibromyalgia, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, General Anxiety Disorder, Major Depressive Disorder,  Complext PTS(D), Chronic Migraine, some form of Dysautonomia, plus other miscellaneous comorbidities and unrelated things. I'm also Dyslexic, and have ADHD. Everything hurts all the time (yes, all the time. Every moment of every day), my joints don't stay in place, I have severe cognitive struggles, and am exceptionally fatigued from the moment I wake up until I finally get to fall asleep again. I'm anxious, depressed, struggle to focus, and when I do everything is backwards anyhow. Ha! It's important to keep a good sense of humor, because life is rough, man!

Like I said, I study natural health, and practice professionally. I have a private natural healthcare practice, as well as a program supporting our local military, a tea company, and a company helping other small businesses figure out what the heck they're doing. Never a dull moment! In all that free time I have between working, studying, and doing clinical hours, I write articles and this blog (ta da!), yell about ableism, feminist issues, politics, and science on Twitter, read about physics (particle physics, especially what's up at the LHC is my jam!), read about botany, read about biotech, hike, ride my motorcycle, do anatomical sketches, and chill with my cat. 

And drink coffee. I drink a lot of coffee! Between the long days and the chronic fatigue, coffee is kind of a life saver for me. 

I don't watch a lot of TV, am clueless about 80's-present pop culture, and have been described by many individuals as "that nerd over there." I'm socially awkward/anxious, very direct and to the point, and I swear a fair bit. But I'm mostly kind, genuinely care about what interests you, and LOVE talking about/promoting my badass friends and colleagues, be they fellow disabled babes, entrepreneurs, or what have you!

So there ya go.
OH! You probably want to know why this blog is called Work Shark, right? It's because one of my partners once told me, after a particularly long and demanding day, that I was like some sort of work-shark... I was strong, fierce, and if I ever stopped I would probably just die - and I have seen nothing in my personality or behavior that would suggest otherwise.  

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